If you are confident in your craftsmanship skills, you can choose our DIY Flat Packs. The units are easy to be assembled and all the doors are pre-drilled. Self-assembled kitchens have the same quality as the ready assembled ones. It is the materials they are made from that really matter, and not how they arrive. Flat packs are cheaper and easier to deliver and store in homes where the access is restricted, such as flats that are reached by several flights of stairs.

The DIY flat packs give you an infinity of options to choose from, combining various styles, colors and materials to your own liking. They are easy to install and include all the necessary instructions, designs and materials to create your perfect kitchen.

A common misconception is that DIY flat packs are low in quality. On the contrary, we select the highest-quality materials, to make sure your kitchen is built on a strong foundation and it will last for years to come. You simply order the cabinets, vanity or any other kitchen parts you need and install them yourself making savings and taking pride that you completed the project by yourself.

DIY flat packs are easy to install, custom made and come at affordable prices. If for any reason, the project does not come out as you wish, you can always call us and we will send an experienced installer to help you.