We have more than 30 years of experience in designing kitchen cabinets and this has taught us how to create the perfect ones for our customers. Our cabinets are as hardwearing as possible, with a modern design and built with high quality materials. We are constantly looking for new ways to upgrade and improve them even further. We offer our customers custom and semi-custom cabinetry with attention to craftsmanship and quality, so you can have a beautiful and uniquely designed kitchen.

Cabinets are not just boxes with shelves, doors and drawers where you hide your clutter and your continuously growing collection of kitchen gadgets. They are part of your kitchen’s personality and appeal, and that is why it should be designed with the homeowner in mind and built to last.

CAV Kitchens & Designs offers you custom cabinets that do not even compare with the generic pre-fabricated ones. The design, the quality of the materials and the way they fit perfectly in the space you have, will make you see the true value of custom kitchen cabinets. If you worry about the materials used for your cabinets, CAV Kitchens & Designs will let you choose from a variety of woods, finishing and other long-lasting materials.

When you choose custom-made cabinets for your kitchen, those are made specifically for your space.Everything will be hand selected and made to give a cohesive and uniform look. No matter how sturdy those stock cabinets might seem, you should be aware your kitchen is one of your most used rooms in your house and they will give up in time if they are not made of high quality materials.